I guess Tendulkar’s is dead with Three Flight’s Up occupying the space Tendulkar’s used to occupy. I remember the buzz Tendulkar’s created when it first opened – I liked the whole idea of putting a little logo mentioning Sachin’s favourite food on the menu. The passage leading to the restaurant was supercool as was the projector clock and cricket ball wall. They even had a pretty nice shop that sold merchandise. The food wasn’t too bad although I was dissapointed the last time I ate there.

Three Flights Up is a club that my mom has been to and is now being relaunched. I guess it has its place in Mumbai’s history along with places like Athena & Fire & Ice. My mom still remembers actually having to climb a couple (3 maybe?) flights of steps to get there.There was also a sign for a place called Diva though I have no idea what that is.


More Mall food that noone really likes, this time from Nirmal Lifestyles, Mulund

1. Ruby Tuesday

2. McDonald’s

3. Meghdoot

4. Bond

5. o2

6. Bistro Grill

7. Rajdhani

8. Mocha

9. Fine Dine

10. Tibb’s Frankie

11. Monginis

Nirmal Lifestyle also had Sachin’s which was apparently something like Tendulkar’s except altered to suit people from Mulund, Bembo’s and Thacker’s.