has announced the list of winners of their awards. Among the winners are Chef Soumya Goswami of the Oberoi, New Delhi and Kunal Chaun Food & Beverage Manager of the Leela in Gurgaon. Congratulations.


I’ve been really busy with school and so I haven’t really had time to update my blog. I was youtubing and I came across another one of Kunal Vijaykar’s reviews from his show – The Foodie. Kunal visits Paradise, one of my favourite restaurants as part of his episode on Food Treasures in Mumbai.

Kunal Vijaykar visits Poush

November 14, 2009

Poush appears to be a very popular restaurant and has more reviews than any other restaurant on Burrp. I have always wanted to go there but I’m not too sure where it is. Anyways Kunal Vijaykar vists the Kashmiri restaurant on his show – The Foodie