Another day, another MOD outlet. Mad Over Donuts is now open in Hiranandani Gardens Powai next to Papa John’s Pizza on Central Avenue. It shares its property with Gelato Italiano. I guess Amore, the other gelato outlet faces some competition.


Chilli’s and The Great Kabab Factory are opening up opposite Papa John’s in Powai. Chilli’s is part of the American restaurant chain and is owned by the same company that operates Papa John’s and The Great Kabab Factory in India. Three properties on the same road…Not too shabby eh?

Yellow Chilli

July 27, 2009

Sanjeev Kapoor’s Yellow Chilli has opened up in Hiranandani Gardens above Mainland China. I’ve heard that Yellow Chilli is fairly average. They only have a buffet and is priced pretty well at about 300 rupees. Doesn’t really sound like the kind of restaurant I would want to go to but I’m sure there are a tonne of people who will love it. Does anyone know what restaurant Sanjeev Kapoor has worked in? His website didn’t really bring anything up other than Yellow Chilli. I guess Khana Khazana is what really made him famous.


July 10, 2009

Aromas joins the hugely successful Cafe Coffee Day and Cafe Mocha to become the fourth coffee shop in Powai. CCD gets a little too crowded and though the food and deserts at Mocha are much better than CCD, the shady crowd often puts you off. Cafe Columbia opened up sometime last year but they had a horrible location and their food was probably the worst of the three. Aromas opened up recently in Hiranandani. Aromas is part of an Australian coffee chain and have entered the Indian market with their Hiranandani outlet. I have been to Aromas twice so far and have not really been that impressed. I ordered a slice of cake that was dry, and maybe a little stale too. A lot of things on the menu weren’t available when I went there which was atleast a good month after they had opened. They serve wine but haven’t started serving beer yet (although its on the menu). I had a mint shake as well which wasn’t strong enough and seemed a little diluted to me. Overall the food was pretty disappointing, perhaps average at best. They also serve breakfast which is something I would like to try. Their location opposite D-Mart can get a bit crowded especially during rush hour though I must admit that I enjoyed watching the chaotic traffic while relaxing inside. They have outdoor seating as well which is nice when the weather is good The interiors are pretty good and its a lot better done up than CCD. However it is more expensive than CCD so I guess that it’s balanced. Service was OK. They messed up my friend’s order and he had to wait a good ten minutes after we got our food. The staff is fairly polite so I guess that its not that bad. Overall I guess this is a pretty nice place to hangout if food isn’t really on the top of your list.