I guess Tendulkar’s is dead with Three Flight’s Up occupying the space Tendulkar’s used to occupy. I remember the buzz Tendulkar’s created when it first opened – I liked the whole idea of putting a little logo mentioning Sachin’s favourite food on the menu. The passage leading to the restaurant was supercool as was the projector clock and cricket ball wall. They even had a pretty nice shop that sold merchandise. The food wasn’t too bad although I was dissapointed the last time I ate there.

Three Flights Up is a club that my mom has been to and is now being relaunched. I guess it has its place in Mumbai’s history along with places like Athena & Fire & Ice. My mom still remembers actually having to climb a couple (3 maybe?) flights of steps to get there.There was also a sign for a place called Diva though I have no idea what that is.


Henry Tham closed down?

July 26, 2009

I drove past Henry Tham the other day and was surprised to find it closed. The Henry Tham board was off revealing the previous name of the restaurant. I was of the impression that they were doing pretty well and can only assume that they’re rennovating or sometihng.

EDIT – Jack & Jones and Only opened up a store where Henry Tham once was.