has announced the list of winners of their awards. Among the winners are Chef Soumya Goswami of the Oberoi, New Delhi and Kunal Chaun Food & Beverage Manager of the Leela in Gurgaon. Congratulations.


Another day, another MOD outlet. Mad Over Donuts is now open in Hiranandani Gardens Powai next to Papa John’s Pizza on Central Avenue. It shares its property with Gelato Italiano. I guess Amore, the other gelato outlet faces some competition.

Custom Made for Vir Sanghvi

October 21, 2009

Vir Sanghvi’s new show revolves around him getting things made just for him – custom made. I really liked his previous show – A Matter of Taste with Vir Sanghvi, however I found this show a bit pretentious. In this episode Hemant Oberoi dines at Chef Hemant Oberoi’s chef’s table at the Taj- Casablanca. I’m not sure what a custom made meal is, and I didn’t see Vir Sanghvi specifying exactly what he wants to eat and how he wants it cooked, but apparently this meal was custom made – just for him. Anyways the footage gives us a nice look at the chef’s table at the Taj that overlooks the sea. The second part sees Vir Sanghvi eating at Gajalee with the owner – Chandrakant Shetty. Again nothing really custom made with his order of butter garlic crab. Sanghvi then heads to Taj Lands End where Chef Rohit Sangwan makes him a souffle. I hate saying this again but I don’t understand what was custom made about it.

The episode is available to watch here.

93 lakhs a year according to Mumbai Mirror. That translates to about 7.75 lakhs a month after working for the Taj since 1974.

CIA Chefs in India

July 28, 2009

I really want to attend the Culinary Institute of America and have been snooping around to see what chefs from India are doing with their CIA degrees. Pretty impressive I must say.

Chef Kishi Arora – Mad over Donuts

Chef Nachiket Shetye – East

Chef Manu Chandra – Olive Beach

Chef Sujith Gangadharan – The Solitaire

Chef Keyur Chandorkar – Indigo

Chef Ajinkya Soundankar – Indigo

-If anyone knows of any other CIA chefs in India let me know so that I can add them to the list.

Bombay Times carried an article about how Chef Gordon Ramsay is going to cook South Indian food for a few guests – vegetarian Brahmin, Syrian Catholic and Malabari Muslim to be precise. Ramsay wants guests to tell him whether or not they are able to tell the difference between what he made and what Chef Hemant Oberoi makes. The article also talks about what Chef Hemant Oberoi made for Hilary Clinton when she visited Mumbai. Here is what she had in case you are too lazy to go through the entire article

eclectic mix of Indian food, Tandoori Seabass and Yakhni Pulao, Crab Galouti and Cheese Dosa, Raan to be carved on the table, its taste washed away with a Sugarcane Sorbet, and desserts of Kulfi, Phirnee and fresh Alphonso mangoes

This is going to be one dinner where too many chefs certainly won’t spoil the soup. We are talking about the South Indian sit-down planned tonight by the Taj Mahal Hotel & Towers’ Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi and London’s Gordon Ramsay, OBE, chef, restaurateur, presenter of TV shows on competitive cookery and food, Amitabh Bachchan’s muse in Cheeni Kum, author, etc., etc. It is being held at the Gateway Room, entry is by invitation only — not for love or money, and open to just a clutch of Mumbai’s foodies. Everybody else can eat their hearts out, for Ramsay has fans everywhere in the world, and to be at the celeb chef’s table when he is presenting Indian food with Chef Oberoi… is every gourmet’s dream.

The fires in Chef Oberoi’s kitchen have been stoking some fabulous five star meals lately. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an Indophile and gourmet herself, with an amazing memory of Indian food from her earlier visits, has been the recent recipient. He did two dinners, two breakfasts and one lunch for her in Mumbai, a different and eclectic mix of Indian food, Tandoori Seabass and Yakhni Pulao, Crab Galouti and Cheese Dosa, Raan to be carved on the table, its taste washed away with a Sugarcane Sorbet, and desserts of Kulfi, Phirnee and fresh Alphonso mangoes. Yes, fresh, the last crop of the season before the monsoon signed off mangoes in Maharashtra.

Ramsay, actually, has been slipping in and out of the country incognito, working on a three-part India season for his TV show next year. He’s covered the South, North and also the North-East. But Kerala appears to have tickled his imagination, fancy and tastebuds the most. And, he unburdened his excitement onto Chef Oberoi, expressing the desire to cook a South Indian meal for foodies in Mumbai. The menu, his interpretation of the exciting vegetarian Brahmin, Syrian Catholic and Malabari Muslim cuisines of Kerala, is being kept a secret. Chef Oberoi said, “Ramsay wants the diners to tell him whether his food is the same as ours or different.”