Don Giovanni in Worli closed.

December 31, 2009

A few days ago I wrote a post on Don Giovanni’s new Juhu location. I was t Atria today to eat at their Worli branch but was sad to see that it had closed down.


4 Responses to “Don Giovanni in Worli closed.”

  1. Gaurav said


    DG at Atria was horrible, the mall itself is horrible and the restaurant was as bad too.

  2. adhish said

    Really? I didn’t find the food too different from the Juhu branch. The Juhu branch closed when the Worli branch opened so I guess that rules out the possibility of there being a different chef. I actually quite liked their food and find Worli a lot more convenient than Juhu.

  3. Gaurav said

    absolutely, worli was totally convenient but horribly mediocre food.

    they even charged for bread.. wtf is up with that? they only do that in Italy..

    i find DG to be a lot more hype than anything else but someday i will give their new one a shot.

  4. adhish said

    I agree. They are a little cheap and I believe the management has pissed a lot of people off with all their rules.

    I haven’t really had any Italian food in Mumbai that I found better than DG. A lot of people spoke about how Mangi Ferra was better than DG but I would have to disagree. I’ve been told Celini(?) is really good but I haven’t been there yet.

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