Bistro Grill Express

July 10, 2009

Delivery in Powai has always been either Pizza or Butterchicken and ever since Pizzeria closed down neither has been very good. Bistro Grill Express brings a whole new cuisine to Hiranadani that has been subjected to the same kind of restaurants for far too long. Ofcourse Kareems (Marooush?) also makes Shawarma but the combination of their mediocre service and poor hygiene makes you think twice before giving them a call. Bistro Grill Express offers much better service and much better food. So far I have only tried their shawarma and Chicken Fathayer and have been pretty impressed. The shwarma is pretty standard and is served with a garlic sauce and pickled beetroot that I love. The Fathayer is something I haven’t tried before. Fathayer is minced chicken stuffed into a pocket of dough and baked. I was pretty satisfied and it went great with the garlic sauce that I love. They also serve pizzas with arabic flavoured toppings which is something I would like to try. Delivery times range from twenty to forty minutes and the staff is reasonably polite. I ate at the restaurant once and I’d say its probably a better idea to order home. The restaurant itself is split level so you do feel a little claustrophobic because of the headroom and lack of windows. They had also turned the air conditioning off until we went in which made it uncomfortable until it was finally time to leave. Stick to delivery and you should be fine. As you can tell I am reasonable satisfied with Bistro Grill Express and hope that they are able to survive in Powai where so many places open and close overnight.


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