Olympia Coffee House

June 22, 2009

I don’t know why Olmpia is actually called Olmpia Coffee house and if you have ever heard about Olympia, you have probably heard about their Kheema Pao. Getting their Kheema Pao however is quite a task as it gets sold out in the morning. I have been to Olympia sometimes as early as 10 o clock to find that they are out of Kheema Pao. They do however have a lot of other dishes which are definitely worth trying though not as popular as their Kheema Pao. Their mutton curry for example is definitely worth a try, it comes with the same soft pao that comes with the Kheema pao and if you don’t like how dry the kheema is – this could be a good alternative. However the pieces they use aren’t always the best. Let your waiter know that you are willing to pay a little extra and he will bring you better pieces in the curry. Everything at Olympia is dirt cheap anyways so money is really not an issue. I’ve tried their Biryani too which was good but their kababs were quite disappointing and I would advise you to avoid them. One thing that some people might find a little difficult to adjust to is the crowd. There are a lot of people from different backgrounds who come to eat at Olympia and you may be made to share a table with a stranger during rush hour. A lot of people might be uncomfortable doing this and I guess asking for takeaway is a good option. The restaurant itself is somewhat similar to some of the older restaurants in Mumbai but has a very distinct personality, very different from most restaurants I have been to. The owner/manager of course sits at a table just as you enter. Whoever sits behind that table doesn’t seem to talk to the customers much. None of the regulars seem to talk to him or ‘know’ him though the waiters are very friendly and recognize regulars. Something I noticed about the waiters and the entire staff is that they are all Muslim. I know Olympia is owned by Muslims but I guess they didn’t get the memo on non discriminatory recruitment policies. It’s a little dissapointing to see things like this happen in this day and age. Opposite the tabe there is a small staircase leading to what I suppose must have been a ‘family room’ and I haven’t seen it being used – quite similar to the small upper floor at Brittania. Just as you enter the restaurant there is a sign that says ‘No Beef since 1918’ which either tells you how old the place is or for how long they have not been serving   The same cafe style chairs that you find all over Mumbai find themselves at Olympia too. There are a lot of mirrors on the wall, framed in polished wood with little gaps for vents to allow fresh air into the restaurant, Olympia of course is not air conditioned. The restaurant has some really nice dull, almost brick red and yellow flooring which I don’t think has been changed since it opened and looks perfect. The computer to bill customers, in the corner however seems a little out of place but I guess you have to do what you have to do. To top everything else there is a sink at the back where unfortunately there isn’t any soap but a slice of lemon to wash your hands. The busy kitchen is right next to the sink, get a nice whiff of the food while you wash your hands and you can even peek in to see how your food is being made though to be honest I have never really had the guts to do so – somehow I don’t think their kitchen will be too hygienic. On that bombshell things must come to an end. Be sure to drop in to Olympia next time you are in Colaba before 10 in the morning. Cheers!

PS – Olympia is right opposite Cafe Leopold on Colaba Causeway.


One Response to “Olympia Coffee House”

  1. Gaurav said

    Adhish walk into any Udipi and i can gurantee you wont find a Muslim working..

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