Under the Over

April 17, 2009

While you may want to visit this restaurant after reading my review im really sad to inform you that it is no more. Under the Over was one of the best restaurants in Mumbai and was certainly one of the hippest joints to hang out in. This was restauranteur Rahul Akerkar’s restaurant before he moved to Indigo and I guess the new managment just wasnt able to run it. I was a regular at this place and all the waiters knew exactly what we wanted when we walked in. The restaurant also doubled up as an art gallery which was a very clever way to decorate the place. I beleve you could purchase most of the stuff on the walls from the artist. The restaurant used director’s chairs which I guess was the cool tihng of the day and had a pretty decent decor for its time. Looking out of the windows you could see the Peddar Road fly over and the busy traffic which IMO was a pretty nice thing to watch from inside. The food here was great. They made the best Chicken Djonaise Iv had and though a few other restauarants do have this on their menu, it just doesnt cut it. They also had a great Skin nd Potatoes with sour cream and great deserts too including a gooey chocolate cake. This was one of the first restaurants to include nachos and cheese nd iced tea on their menu. I remember also once ordering grilled prawns with tartar sauce here that was great too. Overall the food here was what really made the place. However the restaurant failed to update itself and the menu remained the same for all those years and I guess some people got bored of the food and moved on to the newer restaurants in town. The service was great too, or maybe we found it great cos we always knew what to order. The waiters knew a lot about the menu and were willing to help. Since the place wasnt really that crowded you would usually get your food soon. As for value Id say it was excellent value though they did crank their prices up towards the end and it then became a little expensive. Im sure there are a lot more Under the Over nuts like me out there who really miss the place and I wish I could find out where the chef went so I could track him down and beg him to make me another plate of Chicken Djonaise.
Under the Over – you will be missed.


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