April 17, 2009

Indigo is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Mumbai if not one of the the best restaurants in India. This is a pretty big deal and puts a lot of pressure on the restaurant. Indigo is owned by Rahul Akerkar who also started up Under the Over(RIP Under the Over) which was one of the most popular restaurants of its time. Indigo is located in a lane behind the Taj. Its the same lane as cotton world and to be honest the lane is really shady. But once you get near Indigo things get a little better. The restaurant is located in an old bungalow. The restaurant occupies the whole bungalow and as a result has a lot of space that it can play around with. The whoel idea of the restaurant in a bungalow is really genius and IMO looks awesome. The interiors are really simple but still extremely classy. When you enter you can see the bar with a couple of low tables. The dining areas are located on the left and right. Overall the ambience is perfect. Nothing fancy and yet at the same time very appealing. Comming to the service. The service here is good but I wouldnt say its outstanding. The waiters were able to reccomend items off the menu but you could tell that they dont really understand the menu that well or probably arent really that passionate about the food. The service however is polite and so thats a good tihng. The food doesnt take too long to arrive which again is a good thing. Comming to the food.Iv never eaten about 15% of what was on the Indigo menu and to me that shows that this restaurant is really out there offering the city exotic foods which is a huge huge bonus. I had a Lobster Bisque which was really good. Nothing really that outstanding but a good soup. As for the maincourse I ordered a Lobster Risotto and my mother ordered a tandoor grilled chicken. The risotto was a bit dissapointing to be really honest but then again Im not a big Risotto fan. At this point your probably thinking that Indigo is overrated. I had a bite of the chicken and WOW!!!. The chicken was perfecltly seasoned and had a nice juice under it which complemented it perfectlly. The chicken was reallly amazing and Ill definatly reccomened it. Other than that the Desert was allright and to be honest I dont even remember what I ordered. I ordered an extra side of pinacolada ice cream that I really liked. Now comming to the damages. Each dish is about 600 and that can go up a lot considering what you order. There are some dishes with some pretty exotic ingridients that are pretty pricey. At 600 a dish Indigo is really well priced. My whole meal with a soup, maincourse and desert came to 2200 for two which really isnt bad at all. I wouldnt be so quick to add Indigo to my favourite restuanrants yet adn ill need to go there a couple more times to understand if it really is the best restaurant in India. Overall though a great restaurant and not at as expensive as some make it out to be.


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