Cafe Mondegar

April 17, 2009

Cafe Mondegar is a really chilled out place and a great place to come and relax with friends. The place has the famous Mondegar Mural behind it and has various scenes from the restaurant and Mumbai painted on it. if im not mistaken even Cafe Fountain had similar artwork on their placemats a few years ago. The restuarant has an airconditioned and non airconditioned section. The ac section isnt always open and you may find it smelling a bit funny because it isnt used as much as the non ac section which IMO is a lot better. While the AC section might be a bit more comfortable, it doesnt have the same charm that the regular section has and hence Id reccomend sititng outside. The highlight of the place is the retro jukebox in the restaurant which is imported. im not too sure if it works, but it really adds to the character of the place. Besides this the various beer signs and the Heinekken fridge are other defining characteristics of this place. The one thing that might bother you here is the crowd. The tables are all pretty close together and you can always hear what other people are saying. Id say this is another one of those ‘Mondegar’ things though some people are quite put off by it. The food here is great too and Id reccomend the Chicken Corden Bleu which is the famous chicken dish stuffed with chicken and served in a creamy sauce. You will also find steak as well as other meats here that you would probably not find in other restaurants in Mumbai. They also serve some pretty good breakfast including sausages, bacon and omlettes. Overall the food here is pretty good. As for the service, the staff is pretty attentive and will ususally help you decide on sometihng, however service gets a little busy as it gets crowded(which it is most of the time) and you may have to wait for some time to get your meal. Pricewise Id say its allright for what it is. Expect to pay around 200-250 a dish which isnt all that bad IMO. Overall Id definatly reccomend Mondegar.


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