New Martin, Colaba, Mumbai

September 22, 2008

Iv been told that you get the best steak in Mumbai at New Martin’s though I must say that I beg to differ. On the surface it seems that nothing can go wrong. It appears to be a no nonsence kind of place with its focus on the food. The restaurant is pretty small and has the classic wooden benches which find at most Udipi restaurants. There menu is written on a chalk board and its pretty simple. There arent a 100 items on the menu to confuse you. Dont make the mistake of looking into the kitchen because its not really that clean looking and you may not want to eat here if you look into it while seated at the last table,.Comming to the food Id say I was dissapointed. While the food wasnt bad or anytihng its certainly not anything worth going out of your way to come and get. While I was expecting a lot with the steak Ill have to say that I was pretty dissapointed. The other dish we ordered was a little better though I forgot what it was. I finished the meal with a custard and jelly which was actually the best part of the meal surprizingly The service like the restaurant is quick and no nonsence. Like most restaurants of this type the waiters know the menu inside out and are ready with suggestions. The best part about this place is its value. I havent seen prices like Martin’s anywhere in Mumbai. Everytihng here is dirt cheap and you could probably have a 2 course meal for around 50 ruppes including a drink.


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