June 4, 2008

Iv recently got hooked on Aamrakhand which is Mango flavoured Shrikhand . Shrikhand originated in Maharashtra and is flavoured yoghurt that is thickened by hanging it in a porous cloth so that all the water drains out. Sugar and spices like Cardamom and Saffron are added for flavour. It is eaten on its own and its a little like licking icing off a cake – Take a spoonfull and lick away. People don’t usually have more than a couple of spoons.. I never liked Shrikhand because it was too sweet – not the sweet that you like but the kind of sweet that makes you make a face and causes a minor case of brain freeze. Iv eaten Shrikhand with Puris and didn’t like it one bit, The Puris and Shrikhand taste completely different and dont work well with each other at all. I cant understand how people like it. Some people go on to add all kinds of dry fruits to Shrikhand which I think really ruins the taste – Shrikhand is supposed to be creamy and I think the dry fruits would complicate and ruin the straightforward taste. I guess I really need to try one of the dryfruit Shrikhands to be sure that I hate it which I’m pretty sure I will.

I don’t rememeber why I did, but I recently tasted mango flavoured Shrikhand – Aamrakhand and I loved it. Its still got the sweetness but somehow it goes a lot better with the flavour of the mango and doesn’t hit you like regular Shrikhand does. Served chill it is delicous and I can easily finish off a pack at a time. Its pretty fattening so its not really a good idea to get addicted. Ill post the nutrional information as well so that you know what you are going in for.So far, I have only tried Shrikhand from Chitale’s Dairy. Im pretty satisfied with it but I guess there is no harm in trying out other brands as well. Maybe someone has a good Aamrakhand source?

Shrikhand needs to be chilled for it to really be enjoyed though sometimes I feel that you sacrifice the creaminess for it to be cold. It becomes a bit harder when it is cold and that can ruin the whole Shrikhand experience. Consitensy is very important and since you lick it off a spoon it needs to be homogenous and flow well. Sometimes the part near the lid gets harder than the rest and you need to mix it before eating. It cant be too thin where you lick it and taste like a thick Aamras – it needs to be thick enough so that you get a more powerful Aamrakhand where the creaminess and flavour of the yoghurt is evident. I guess the temperature at which you keep it also makes a big difference. Iv noticed that if you open a pack the Aamrakhand tends to be a bit too thick but then when you try it after a few days later it blends in and becomes slightly less thick which makes it perfect. I don’t know what could be causing this. It could be the air that mixes with the Shrikhand to thin it out or maybe I am just imagining it. Overall though a great snack – a bit on the unhealthy side, but Id rather eat a little Aamrakhand than a bag of chips.


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