May 30, 2008

Name/Location: Brittania – Ballard Estate

Average Cost: around 200 a dish

Food: Brittania is famous among the office crowd and old parsi uncles. This place is famous for its Berry Pulao. I heard somewhere that the berries are imported from Iran though im not sure of this. Their chicken berry pulao is jsut amazing nd is like nothing iv ever had before I love parsi food and haven’t been able to find a berry pulao at any place except this one. Its a normal pulao with berries for garnish. Im not sure how they make it but its the best Their chicken cutlets are good too though the gravy with it is more of a tomato puree. I haven’t tried too many other dishes here cos I always end up ordering the same thing.Another thing you should have here is a drink called Rogers(I think) which is a raspberry flavoured drink and a good change from the usual pepsi

Service: I tihnk there are only two or three waiters for the entire restaurant but they somehow manage to handle all the customers. An old parsi gentleman will great you at the door and tell you where to sit. I tihnk his sons also sit at the counter sometimes though a part of the charm of this place is the old man running his restaurant. Service is fast nd I tihnk it takes about ten minutes for you to be served. The waiters here know the menu nd I tihnk some of them have been working here for a long time. Theyre polite though they don’t always give u too much bhaav.

Ambience: This is the one place where this restaurant really needs to improve. The paint is peeling off the walls the furniture is rickity nd the place has a very shabby look to it. I wish they would do something about it nd restore the place as it would be really ncie to see all the old furniture being used. I must warn you though. This place is strictly for foodies. If you are one of those people who need a good ambience this place is definitly not for you.

Conclusion: Overall a nice place though I wish theyd become more competitive. Renovation is definitly due. as is extending their hours. Currently this place is only open for lunch nd tht too not on all days .However their food is so good that people keep comming here and you will always find this place full and might even have to wait for a table


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