Don Giovanni, Juhu, Mumbai

May 29, 2008

Another place that I had been wanting to try for ages and finally decided to go there about a two and a half years ago. Since then Iv been hooked. I believe this place is really popular with the Italian expatriates in Mumbai and I guess this is due to the fact that it is really authentic. This place easily serves some of the best italian food in Mumbai. I recommend the Pizza Ai Salami and the Beef Lasagna. The food here is authentic unlike most other restaurants where it is changed to suit the Indian Palate. Also the focus of the restaurant seems to be on the food and not on creating a buzz about itself which again is a good thing. Located opposite the JW Marriot in Juhu the location is pretty decent. The restaurant itself is located in Hotel Bawa where the valet also parks your car. The interiors are OK,Nothing that really excites you. There are huge Ferrari flags instead of curtains which is really cool. Besides that they also have other Italian memorabilia all around. The wall is lined with wine bottles which really adds to the class of the place. Besides that’s there really isn’t much in terms of decor. To be honest the decor looks a bit old and good use a renovation unless the owners are going in for the classic look. One thing that really hits the eye is the raw wood paneling in the wall that doesn’t leave a good impression and I suspect that the previous occupant had a bigger painting there that was taken out when Don Giovani moved in. The service here is really good. much better than most other restaurants. The waiters know the menu and are quick to jump in with suggestions and help you out. The food doesn’t take too long to get to your table either which again is an added bonus. Now coming to the most important part – the food. I was really impressed with the food here. The Pizzas here are great and I doubt too many restaurants in Mumbai could come close to it. The meat used on the pizzas is top quality and I suspect the meat and cheese are imported. The base is thin but not overly crispy where you don’t really get the taste of the base and its more like eating papad. The lasagna too was great and definatly a notch above anything else available. The deserts to be honest were a little overrated and were a letdown compared to the rest of the meal. Now coming to value. The pizzas are around 400 and I believe the lasgna is around the same. Moderately priced and good value for what it is. If they renovated the place a bit Im sure they could hike prices up by at least 50%. Overall a great place and definatly one of my favourite restaurants.


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