Mangi Ferra, Juhu, Mumbai

May 24, 2008

I ate at Mangi Ferra today. Iv been hearing tonnes of good things about it with quite a few people saying its the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai. I always wanted to know if it was as good as my current favourite – Don Giovanni. The entrance looks really nice with a tree just before the door which adds a nice touch to the place.The place was done up well and even had a section with a nice couch for a couple of drinks or something but somehow the place lacked class. The menu didn’t really have too many non vegetarian dishes to chose from and there were definitely more vegetarian dishes than non vegetarian – not a good sign. They had a wood fired oven and so I had to try their pizza. I could definitely taste the flavour added by this oven but somehow the pizza was just not up to the mark. I hope I am not being a snob about this but the pizza seemed like it had been Indianized and lacked the authenticity and taste of Don Giovanni. The menu didn’t have too many options for toppings, with chicken, ham, peperoni and sea food being the only non vegetarian options. The quality of meat isn’t anywhere close to Don Giovani even though the pizzas cost roughly the same amount. My friend ordered a pasta which again really disappointed me – not authentic enough. The service is about OK and the waiters are polite and the service was quicker than Don Giovanni for sure. However the waiters don’t know much about the food and you have to kind of figure out everything for yourself. The restaurant is as expensive as Don Giovanni which IMO is much better value with more authentic and better quality dishes. Overall Don Giovanni 1 Mangi Ferra 0. I always suspected that Mangi Ferra was another one of those over hyped places that has this buzz about it but the food isn’t as good as you would expect it to be. I guess I was right.

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