May 23, 2008

Energee is a brand of flavoured milk made by Aarey. If you don’t live in Mumbai, you probably have never seen Energee anywhere. This is because Energee is only available in Mumbai, if not only Maharashtra. Energee is available in a lot of flavours but to be honest the only flavour that really tastes good is Pineapple. Unfortunately Energee isn’t as easily available as it should be and you only get it at special Aarey booths located around the city and a few dairies. I usually go through an entire crate of Energee a month and can easily have up to 5 at one time and therefore have at least a crate full of it sitting in my kitchen whenever I am home. Its sort of a hassle to get the 200ml glass bottles after paying a deposit and promising to bring the bottles back, not to mention the energee energy needed to carry the crate from the booth to the kitchen. The other option would be to stand on the sidewalk and enjoy a bottle at an Aarey booth, though standing on the road in the hot sun doesnt really sound that good.

Besides chocolate milk, pineapple flavoured Energee is the only other form of milk that I would reaally drink. Energee is only made from milk from the Satara and Dhule regions of Maharashtra which help get the right consistency and a longer shelf life. The pineapple flavour isn’t too strong, but balances out the milky taste of milk to give a good tasting refreshing drink. Energee uses artificial flavouring, colours and probably some added sugar too but at the end of the day I’m pretty sure it still is a healthier option than having a Coke or Pepsi.

A bottle of Energee waiting to be opened

The only thing between me and my Energee

One Down

Not that tough to go through a few

Time to get another crate


2 Responses to “Energee”

  1. I loveeeee Energeeeee 2 🙂

  2. It is quote good. Isn’t it? I also like the lassi.

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